Talk to Us

(But, maybe we can answer some questions for you ahead of time)

Email us if you want to chat or if you have more specific questions than what we’ve laid out below. Send us a note at


  • Okay, but what do I really wear?

    The First Dinner is garden cocktail attire and is planned for outdoors on the terrace. It will be quite warm in Provence this time of year, but evenings can get chilly. Layers are your friend.

    The Ceremony will take place on the grassy center of the Chåteau courtyard. You will also likely have to navigate some cobblestones en route. Ladies, plan your shoes or your sherpa.

  • What if, because Provence is awesome, I have my own mini itinerary?

    That’s fine! There is an informal breakfast gathering at the chateau every day at 9am; and an apéro (cocktail) at the chateau every night at 6pm. If you charter your own adventures (or gleeful sloth, no judgement) in between, on any day but Thursday, we salute you!

    That being said, we’re going to have an awesome time each day. Monday afternoon is pétanque; Tuesday is a chauffeured vineyard tour during which we’ll pick the wedding wines; and Friday is a lazy catered pool day.

    You will be fed during the aforementioned daily breakfast and apéro gatherings; plus the chef-prepared receptions and meals at the chateau Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is informally catered.

  • I’m not renting a car, is all lost?

    Our planner is able to help with airport and train station pick ups, and some pickups for Wednesday and Thursday events. They’re leaving early Friday, though, so be sure to talk to us about how you’ll get back for your departure.

  • I’m renting a car; what the hell am I doing?

    Remembering stick shift lessons from driver’s ed, and planning to park in one of the two lots on Rue de la République when you come to the chateau. This is the main street in Goult, and you have to go up it to get to the chateau.

  • I’m drunk.

    To be fair, this isn’t a question. But! We will be sure that a driver is available or taxis are called so everyone gets home safely Wednesday and Thursday without having to worry about being in driving condition. If you’re coming on the vineyard tour, we’ll have drivers, too.