5th MAY 2016


The Main Event


Wearing your best semi-formal attire, plan to arrive at

Château de Goult

for Champagne Cocktails, on the terrace, at 4:00 in the afternoon.

The Cérémonie de Mariage

will begin around 4:30, in the Château Courtyard.

Note on attire: Gents, no need to wear a tuxedo and Ladies, floor-length gowns are just fine.

The Goings On

(when and where to drink, eat, and make merry)

TIME EVENT*All events originate at Château de Goult. ATTIRE
    • 9:00 am‘til
      10:00 am
    • Breakfast
    • }

    • 12:00 pm‘til
      3:00 pm
    • Pétanque (Boccé) & Picnic (BYO)
    • }

    • 6:30 pm‘til
      8:00 pm
    • L’apéro
    • 9:00 am‘til
      10:00 am
    • Breakfast
    • 10:00 am‘til
      4:30 pm
    • Winery Visits

      We will visit 2 wineries & enjoy lunch at the Château de La Citadelle (sandwiches provided)

    • }

    • 6:30 pm‘til
      8:00 pm
    • L’apéro
    • }

    • 9:00 am‘til
      10:00 am
    • Breakfast
    • }

    • 4:30 pm‘til
      5:30 pm
    • Rehearsal

      (Wedding Party and Parents)

    • }
      Garden Cocktail

    • 6:30 pm‘til
      8:30 pm
    • L’apéro
    • 8:30 pm‘til
      10:30 pm
    • First Dinner
    • 9:00 am‘til
      10:00 am
    • No Breakfast, Sorry!
    • 4:00 pm‘til
      4:30 pm
    • Champagne Cocktails on the Terrace
    • }

    • 4:30 pm‘til
      5:00 pm
    • Cérémonie de Mariage
    • 6:00 pm‘til
      8:00 pm
    • Vin d’Honneur + Hors d’Oeuvres
    • 8:00 pm‘til
      10:00 pm
    • Wedding Dinner
    • 10:00 pm‘til
      11:59 pm
    • Music + Dancing
    • 12:00 am‘til
      3:00 am
    • Late Night in the Cave à Vin
    • 11:00 am‘til
      3:00 pm
    • Brunch + Pool Day
    • }
      Casual + Swimwear

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

(Getting there and getting around.)

We know many of you already have travel booked, but we thought that confirming the fastest routes the Château and the wine might still be a good idea.

By Plane

  • The nearest major, connecting airports are Marseille (1h 15min to the South) and Nice (2h 40min to the East).
  • Paris is a direct flight for most of you, and is 7 hours to the North by car (to Goult) and 2h 40min by train (to Avignon – see below).

By Train

If possible, you’re going to want to take the high-speed rail, the TGV.

  • The nearest major stations are Avignon TGV (45min to the West) and Aix-en-Provence (1h10min to the South). RailEurope.com has lots of useful info and direct booking.
  • If you are flying into Paris Charles de Gaulle, you can get to the TGV directly under Terminal 2, without leaving the airport.

By Car

Rental cars are pretty inexpensive, but ask us if you aren’t sure you need one. We can help with airport/train station rides, and parking at the Chateau is very limited.

Note: Avignon has two train stations, and thus two locations from which to pick up rental cars. We messed up ours the first time, and the agency drove us to the other for free. There are also shuttles between the two, so do not despair if you goof this up, too! (Tip: it’s a little cheaper off site.)

Directions & a Map

Most of you probably embrace technology and treat Google Maps as your BFF. But, directions to Chateau are in this PDF from Only Provence, or to give you a general idea of where you’re going, use the map below.


(Culture, Eats, Adventure)

Because France is awesome and we don’t have something planned for every minute of every day, here are some things that may tickle your fancies.

Provençal Culture

Over 12,000 square miles, whose six départements cover the Luberon mountains; the beaches of the Côte d’Azur; iconic fields of lavender; France’s second largest city, Marseille; the only other city the papacy ever found fit, Avignon; gallons of rosé; and tons of seafood and olives.

Things are quieter, slower and far more rustic than in Paris, but there’s plenty of glamour (hey, Saint-Tropez!), art (the area seduced Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse, Chagall, Cezanne, Picasso and more), history (roman aqueducts and ruins, churches, marks of the French Resistance, the Château d’If in the Calanques where Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned), and gastronomy.

Friendly but proud, most residents of Provence don’t, in fact, much care for Paris. Some still speak Provençal, and cities like Aix will display street signs in both languages.

The Luberon, and particularly Vaucluse, is known for its gorges and cliffs, home to medieval hilltop hamlets like the infamous Gordes, or Lacoste, atop which sits the Marquis de Sade’s former castle. The Spring and Summer weather, when the mistral isn’t hitting, pulls everyone outside to the markets and the the table for very leisurely, very fresh shared meals and local wine.


* Please be sure to check for availability. Most restaurants are closed 1-2 days a week. Need a reservation? Sierra would be happy to call for you and jabber in French.



  • L’Occitane Spa in Manes – 54 min from Goult
  • Chateauneuf-du-Pape tasting and tours in Avignon – 53 min from Goult
  • Watch the sun set overlooking Gordes – 17 min from Goult
  • Stroll through Aix-en-Provence counting fountains – 1h 05min from Goult
  • The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Arles – 1h 05min from Goult


  • Cassis – 1h 28min from Goult
  • For a real adventure Ile des Porquerolles2h 47min from Goult


  • Boat tour of Les Calanques (then, eat here)- 1h 36min from Goult
  • Canoe/Kayak the Sorgue River40 min from Goult
  • Explore the beautiful ruins at Les Baux de Provence- 55 min from Goult
  • Football in Marseille – 1h 15min from Goult


(Share your info)

Really, we know who you are and who is and is not coming, so we want to help out as much as possible. Once we confirm when and where you arrive, plus where you’re staying, we can help coordinate or provide rides; see to it that there’s something there to welcome you; and ensure that we have enough goodies for daily breakfast hour, nightly happy hour, and the two chef-prepared meals.

Provide Some Vitals

Talk to Us

(But, maybe we can answer some questions for you ahead of time)

Email us if you want to chat or if you have more specific questions than what we’ve laid out below. Send us a note at wildeholiday@gmail.com.


  • Okay, but what do I really wear?

    The First Dinner is garden cocktail attire and is planned for outdoors on the terrace. It will be quite warm in Provence this time of year, but evenings can get chilly. Layers are your friend.

    The Ceremony will take place on the grassy center of the Chåteau courtyard. You will also likely have to navigate some cobblestones en route. Ladies, plan your shoes or your sherpa.

  • What if, because Provence is awesome, I have my own mini itinerary?

    That’s fine! There is an informal breakfast gathering at the chateau every day at 9am; and an apéro (cocktail) at the chateau every night at 6pm. If you charter your own adventures (or gleeful sloth, no judgement) in between, on any day but Thursday, we salute you!

    That being said, we’re going to have an awesome time each day. Monday afternoon is pétanque; Tuesday is a chauffeured vineyard tour during which we’ll pick the wedding wines; and Friday is a lazy catered pool day.

    You will be fed during the aforementioned daily breakfast and apéro gatherings; plus the chef-prepared receptions and meals at the chateau Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is informally catered.

  • I’m not renting a car, is all lost?

    Our planner is able to help with airport and train station pick ups, and some pickups for Wednesday and Thursday events. They’re leaving early Friday, though, so be sure to talk to us about how you’ll get back for your departure.

  • I’m renting a car; what the hell am I doing?

    Remembering stick shift lessons from driver’s ed, and planning to park in one of the two lots on Rue de la République when you come to the chateau. This is the main street in Goult, and you have to go up it to get to the chateau.

  • I’m drunk.

    To be fair, this isn’t a question. But! We will be sure that a driver is available or taxis are called so everyone gets home safely Wednesday and Thursday without having to worry about being in driving condition. If you’re coming on the vineyard tour, we’ll have drivers, too.


(Follow along and share your photos)

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